Take the Hello Pledge

How you live your hello pledge is flexible. Feel free to say “hi”, “good morning” or “bonjour” if you’re feeling particularly French that day. In your neighbourhood, at the park, along quieter paths or while doing errands — when you catch someone’s eye, just say hello. (You don’t have to greet everyone on bustling downtown streets, but when it’s not too busy, give it a try.) 

Help us grow the Hello Movement! Please share this with your friends, family and community.

Privacy Statement: Your name and email will be used for no other purposes than to recognize you as part of the Hello Pledge community. Your contact info will not be shared or sold under any circumstances.

14 Responses to Take the Hello Pledge

  1. grant cousar says:

    Great idea!!!!

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  3. Maureen Jung says:

    Our communities need us–and we need them. Imagine: saying “Hello” instead of pointing the finger of blame. We’ve got a lot to gain by engaging in this simple, inviting action. Throw in a smile for good measure.

  4. Phoebe Phoenix says:

    Hello! This has always been something I cherished about Whistler/ Pemberton. And I love to startle people with Kindness; saying Hello or helping someone who looks lost… We are all tourists on this planet. You are ‘angels’ that can brighten each others day, most simply by saying Hello and smiling, and it brightens my day too! Win-win!

  5. Dave Manuel says:

    ditto to these comments, I always like to do this and i like it in return, who wouldn’t? I will make an even greater effort though and spread the word too.

  6. Marianne says:

    A big & warm hello to everyone, everywhere!

  7. Jane says:

    Hello to everyone!!! 🙂 Keep smiling all the day, let’s make our and others life more bright!

  8. Jennifer Breakspear says:

    I try to smile and say ‘Hi’ when I wander/bike/bus around. I love seeing a responding smile sprout from a blank or grumpy or distracted face. Too often too many people go through their day without a friendly gesture. It takes to little to make our world a friendlier place.

    • Thanks for everyone’s comments. The Hello Pledge is growing day by day, but I appreciate your continued support through social media mentions, word of mouth and just saying hello! I’ve committed to daily hellos like never before and it’s working. A few people have even said hello to me first – that makes my day!

  9. Mattew says:

    Time to remember all the sweet things & all sweet persons in your LIFE. So wake up with y o u r S W E E T MEMORIES! GOOD MORNING!

  10. Chris says:

    I’ve linked back to you because I’ve just said hello to 12k people.

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